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Upcoming Version

Currently a lot of work is being put in the new Raddish version 3.
Which is to be something completely new and yet still feels like the old and trusted.

by Jasper van Rijbroek

Api Documentation

After a lot of refactoring and headaches it is finally here!
The new and improved layout of the Raddish API documentation.

Here the story how everything went behind the scenes!

by Jasper van Rijbroek

Humble Beginnings

Since a few days work has started on a home for the community.
There was a challenge on which platform to use. This however wasn’t an easy choice but a choice has been made!

by Jasper van Rijbroek

New template and revised content

It is finally there, the new version of the documentation site. Except the overall new improvements to the site and the more mature layout, we have also added the API documentation of Raddish.

However this isn’t the only big news for we have much more to announce!

by Jasper van Rijbroek

Raddish at the Nooku Jam 2014

This year we went to Nooku Jam 2014 event for 2 days.
This event is mainly about the Nooku Framework with the occasional talk away from code/ php.

For this year in the second day of the event the most talks where about Javascript, so I was asked to do a talk about NodeJS. On which I was asked to do the presentation. Ofcourse I accepted this occasion.

by Jasper van Rijbroek