Raddish at the Nooku Jam 2014

This year we went to Nooku Jam 2014 event for 2 days.
This event is mainly about the Nooku Framework with the occasional talk away from code/ php.

For this year in the second day of the event the most talks where about Javascript, so I was asked to do a talk about NodeJS. On which I was asked to do the presentation. Ofcourse I accepted this occasion.

So for the first timers with NodeJS I have an explanation about what NodeJS was. After that they asked to me to show something I created in NodeJS. So ofcourse I showed them Raddish. After this the big guy from Nooku (Johan Janssens) joined the conversation.

So after showing them some of the power of build-in to Raddish he was rather convinced and called it an architecture (e.g.: an elaboration about a framework and an architecture). Also complementing Raddish on its implementation of the “Chain of Responsibility” (a misconception of my part was that it was a Chain of Command) Which of course gave much joy to hear this next to the approval of other as well.

The future of Raddish

Next to explaining some details about the automatic threads class and SocketIO and the added integration. The question arose about the future of Raddish. So my main answer was to make it bigger of course. Next to implementing streams for the faster responses which was approved by many as well. And of course to stabilize the system even more.

But apart of only the future the question was also what I felt about working together with the guys of timble (the team behind Nooku) to make the APIs the same, and allow for sharing the same code for the php framework in Javascript, so enabling the use of both frameworks in better applications. This of course to my liking I said that I want to go in with this offer, thus getting more people interested in Raddish as well.

Concrete steps

Next to getting the base API the same as the one of Nooku, I will of course try to implement streams and when ES6 comes out convert everything to classes. My best guess is that I will be working together with the guys from timble as well to improve Nooku and Raddish together.