New template and revised content

It is finally there, the new version of the documentation site. Except the overall new improvements to the site and the more mature layout, we have also added the API documentation of Raddish.

However this isn’t the only big news for we have much more to announce!

For those who have been following on GitHub they have seen a new organisation has been created, namely getraddished. This has a few reasons, it is now more easy to allow other collaborators into the project, and everything belonging to Raddish and the platform has been located here.

Also within a few months it is planned that a new version of Raddish will be shipped, this time it will be version 3.0.0. This new version has been completely rewritten and the source is cleaner than ever, also this gives a good opportunity to add a standard to the coding of Raddish and its source.

And for the last point of news Raddish will set the example of everything being reusable, the core of Raddish will also be abstracted and implemented, this as a result will create some more modules which are completely separated from the framework and reusable within any project.

Hope you all like this news and hope to see you soon,

Stay Coding!