Humble Beginnings

Since a few days work has started on a home for the community.
There was a challenge on which platform to use. This however wasn’t an easy choice but a choice has been made!

The contenders:

  • Slack
  • Rocket.Chat
  • Mattermost

All of the systems had their pros and cons.

Greatly adopted however to pay $6 per user per month could get out of hand pretty fast.
And for that reason slack has not been chosen.

A very good alternative a product from a 10% time investment.
However the big problem is that a lot of layout interface elements didn’t serve my liking.
Also it felt a little sluggish.

A product developed by ex Microsoft employees. It has less features than Rocket.Chat but its interface is much more responsive.
However the apps are simple wrappers around the website. Hoever native apps are on its way (luckily).

We have chosen for Mattermost for its interface and ease of use. After some testing it felt a lot better than Rocket.Chat.
Also the GitHub integration worked like a charm, code and use. That was all there was to it.

Now we have launched the system and as the title suggests the beginnings are humble with no users on a clean system. But it gives an opportunity to grow and cultivate more users.