Docs - Plugins

Within Raddish it is possible to let the system do certain action upon certain events.
These events are registred in Plugins, added in the separate folder defined in the config file.

Events which can be fired are separated into a few different groups, these are:

  • Application Events
  • System Events
  • Custom Events

Application Events

Application events are fired when an application gets registered.
And thus having the events onBeforeRegister and onAfterRegister.

The onBeforeRegister has as parameters the alias of the application to register and the path.
The onAfterRegister has the raw application as a parameter.

System events

On the system level by default there are the start events.
These events are called just before and just after the server has started.

Both of the start events onBeforeStart and onAfterStart get no parameters.
In her you can add extra functions which need to be called at these start events.

Custom events

Within the system it is possible for you to call your own events.
I will give an example below:

var Plugin = require('raddish').Plugin,
    plugin = new Plugin();
    .execute('', 'any', 'number', 'of', 'parameters')
    .then(function(data_from_plugin) {

The get method will be able to handle a dot separated value.
The last value can be a file or a folder, when a folder is presented all the files in this folder will be loaded
else the only file found is loaded.

The execute method the first parameter is required, this is the dot separated name of the function which is called, all the other parameters are optional and there is no fixed number of parameters.