Docs - Identifiers

Before you start to read this section, please make sure you have read: URLs. This is needed because the identifiers are almost the same as the URLs used in raddish.

Within Raddish the objects use identifiers to be retrieved. These identifiers use a defined schema. Below some examples will be given.


This identifier will instruct the system that a component is called the component being called is foo and we request the baz file in the “database/table” folder of the foo component.

So basically you can split up a component like this:


  • Locator: The locator to use, by default core and com are supported.
  • Application: In which application the component to call resides.
  • Component: The component to call.
  • Path: A dot separated string as to path to follow to the object.
  • Name: The name of the file to load.

Note: Core locator work a little different although using the same data. A core identifier could look like this:


This core identifier will try to get the file “default” in the path “database/table”. Most of the time you wouldn’t need to load core object directly however this functionality is available to you.

Basically a core identifier looks like this: