A New Path

It has been a long time ago that a new blog post has been written,
so today is the day.

Both for a post and a new road for Raddish, we will welcome the future.

As it has been show for many times it is impossible for one to do everything.
Raddish was trying to do everything as well, lately in projects it has shown that it is impossible to do everything.

There is one basic router called Express which will support lots of middleware just as parsing requests, routing and a lot more.
Raddish will now go down the road to become middleware for ExpressJS and will add structure and abstractions to ExpressJS.

A few reasons to do this are:

  • Authentication can be done with PassportJS
  • Parsing of forms is done in ExpressJS as well
  • View layers are also in ExpressJS
  • Also the applications layer in Raddish isn’t used so many times.

Functionality wise the most parts of Raddish will remain untouched except for the view layer and the application layers. Also the router and HTTP(S) layers will be removed and replaced.

Happy coding and we see you soon with a new version.